Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Why I've stopped trying to plan

An old hindu parable:

Dry leaf and mud pie were married. They wanted to make a journey. The journey was long, arduous, and dangerous. They agreed that if they worked together they would make it. Dry leaf said to mud pie: "This trip is dangerous. If the rains come they will pour down on you and wash you away. When the rains come I will lie on top of you and protect you from getting wet. That way you will survive and we can continue on." Mud pie said to dry leaf " I agree, this trip is frought with danger. If the strong winds come they will wisk you up and blow you far away. When the strong winds blow I will lie on top of you and protect you from the winds. That way you can stay with me and we will continue on. They both agreed that this was a very good plan indeed and set out on their journey. After a few days the monsoons came and dry leaf laid upon mudpie and protected him from the rains. They continued on. A few days later a great gust of wind came upon them. Mudpie laid upon dry leaf and she did not get blown away. They continued on. They were pleased at how well their plan was working. The next day the rains poured down and the winds blew hard and strong. Dry leaf was blown far, far away to the ends of the earth and mudpie was washed out to sea. The moral of the story: Never rely upon your plans, life is unpredictable, things change, and you may find yourself washed out at sea or blown to the horizon.


Anonymous Al said...

O wow. At first I thought this was a great childrens story... but it is just to real.

9:26 PM  

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