Thursday, March 03, 2005

Soul song

I am a mountain
Standing tall and strong
Shifting tectonic plates may tumble me
at any instant
Yet I stand, stoically, firmly
Radiating life

I am the ocean
Deep and vast and wide
Filled with the tears of a thousand generations
Filled with mystery and wonder
My surface choppy, smooth, or rolling
I am radiating life

I am the night sky
Dark and calm
Wrapping myself in a blanket
of soothing emptiness
Hidden within me are the jewels
of milleniums long past
But still they shine
Bringing forth radiating life

I am the dirt
I am earthy and bitter
I nourish and I take away
I break down the past
And wipe the slate clean
for the future
I am soft and hard
I yield and I deny
I am the smell of life

I am nothing
I hold within me everything
I am the promise of something
Words not yet spoken
But I am still nothing
I do not exist and exist completely
In one moment
Within me is life
Within me death
Within me is the promise of dreams


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