Sunday, March 06, 2005

My oh my

"The world's got me dizzy again, you think after 23 years I'd be used to the spin, and it only feels worse when I stay in one place so I'm always pacing around or walking away..." - Bright eyes

I am now another year older, it's funny to me how one day can mark the passing of such an event, how somehow this one day magically changes a number that defines part of you and suddenly the entire world views you differently. I went out last night with some friends to the same old bar. Going to the bar has recently become a saddening propostion. We were out dancing and suddenly the world became stunningly clear. I looked around and all I saw was the rawness of humanity around me. Everyone looked tired, old, depesperate. If I had to have a mental image of hell, this is what it would be like. What were we all looking for in this place? Everyone seemed to be silently screaming out at the top of thier lungs, asking to be understood, begging for something that they were missing. But no one said anything, no one cared to ask. They just took another shot, drowning, gasping for air from spending too much time on the surface. It made me sad in the way that truth can sometimes make you sad. Sometimes you just have to let go to get anywhere.


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Hope you have safe and happy travels. This post reminds me of brighteyes hit the switch, you should check it out.

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